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plumber installs a new plastic siphon on the sink

3 Plumbing Maintenance Tips to Prevent Costly Repairs and Rising Utility Bills

The plumbing system performs the crucial task of supplying water and ridding your home of waste. Finding and having professionals fix any issues quickly can eliminate costly repairs later and keep your plumbing efficient and dependable. You can prevent damage to your system with these plumbing tips.

1. Check for Slow Drains and Fix Pipes Promptly

Slow drains are common in most households. Hair, oil, and food debris can accumulate, causing a partial blockage that prevents water from flowing freely. Ignoring slow-moving drains may trigger more extensive repair issues, such as overflows.

For a single slow drain like the sink, if you know how, check the plumbing trap for debris and blockage. Bathtubs and showers may slow because of hair caught in the grid of the drain. Attempt to remove the visible hair and see if the drain flows. Slow drains affecting more than one fixture should be inspected by a professional.

Refrain from using drain cleaners because they are toxic and can weaken the pipe. A professional can check pipes for signs of weakness and corrosion while clearing the blockages.

2. Detect Plumbing Faults by Checking Water Pressure Levels

Low water pressure has many causes such as city main flow issues, old pipes, or damaged or clogged pipes. If the city is having water issues, your water pressure may decrease. Older pipes may have mineral buildup from the years of hard water, causing a flow problem. Broken pipes release pressure through the cracks rather than the fixture. You may need a professional service for re-piping if your plumbing is leaking.

3. Winterize Your Plumbing System to Prevent Water Damage

Even though New Mexico is known for sunshine, Albuquerque regularly gets below freezing during the winter. It is wise to protect your pipes for when winter temperatures drop. Quick and easy tips for outdoor faucets and hoses include draining and storing hoses, wrapping exposed pipes, and dripping a fixture inside the home on frigid nights.

Consult a professional for complete winterizing of the vulnerable parts of your plumbing. These include locations like the attic, under floors, and crawlspaces, especially in raised homes.

If you plan on leaving the home for the cold season, have a professional winterize the home. This will include shutting off the water main, draining all the fixtures, and adding antifreeze to the pipes, traps, and toilet tanks. Frozen pipes may break, causing water leaks which could cause major damage in an empty home.

It is important to maintain your plumbing system to reduce water consumption and avoid unnecessary repairs. Contact our experienced pipe maintenance team at All-Out Plumbing for exceptional services in Albuquerque, NM.