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4 Signs Tree Roots Are Growing in Your Sewer Line

Having trees in your yard can beautify your property and provide much-needed shade during Albuquerque’s hot summers. Unfortunately, the roots of those trees can spread underground far from the base of the trunk and eventually penetrate your home’s sewer line. The signs of tree roots in your sewer line are easy to observe, but you may not know what the signs actually indicate. If you have noticed any of these signs around your Albuquerque-area home, it is time to call a plumber for a sewer line inspection.

1. Wet Spots in Your Yard

You do not need to have a tree on your property to have sewer line damage from tree roots. If a neighboring property’s tree roots have reached your yard, those roots may have penetrated the sewer line. If so, you may be able to observe some signs in your yard. For example, you may notice an area of your yard that is constantly wet regardless of weather conditions. Because of the moisture, this area may be much greener than the rest of your property. With Albuquerque’s relatively dry climate, this extra moisture may seem like a good thing, but it could lead to sinkholes and even property damage if the leak isn’t identified and fixed.

2. Foul Odors

When roots grow into a pipe, sewer water can seep outward. As a result, you may notice the stench of sewage waste in your yard even if you cannot find a sinkhole or wet spot. This smell may start out as a hint of a foul odor. However, as the damage to the pipe grows, the smell may become overpowering. In some cases, residents can smell sewage inside their homes as well.

3. Drains That Flow Slowly

When small tree roots penetrate a sewer line, you may not initially notice any problems with your plumbing system. However, the roots can grow larger, and more roots may enter the pipe. Eventually, the pipe will be partially clogged, and sewage waste will not be able to flow through it as efficiently as it once did. As a result, you likely will notice that water flows more slowly out of the drains. If you notice standing water in your shower basin or a drain that empties slowly, you may have a sewer line issue.

4. A Backed-Up Toilet

Likewise, you may notice that waste evacuates from the toilet much slower than it once did. Initially, you may try to use a plunger to help the waste flow out more smoothly. If this effort does not work, the issue may be a clog deeper in your sewer line. Eventually, the tree roots in the pipe may be so extensive that the sewage waste backs up in the toilet. This can cause serious property damage in the home, so it is best to identify a problem with the sewer line before it reaches this extreme stage.

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