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4 Spring Plumbing Issues To Keep In Mind

As the cold weather disappears and the days get longer, many homeowners are ready to head out and enjoy the great outdoors. But with all of the warmer temps and sunny days can come spring storms and other issues around your home that will add to your stress and even drain your wallet. However, when you remain attentive to your home, you can avoid many of these costly and annoying events.

Sump Pump Failure

If your home has a basement, then it probably also has a sump pit and sump pump. This is the small pump that prevents groundwater and heavy rain from flooding your home. The sump pit sits at the lowest point in the basement and acts as a catchment for the offending water. And when the pit begins to fill with water, the float valve turns it on. The water is then pumped to a location on your property, away from your home or a sewer drain.

The issue occurs when you have not inspected and serviced your sump pump regularly. You assume that the pump is functioning correctly until you enter your basement to find it full of water. The solution is a regular inspection and test of the pump. Just pour a bucket of water into the sump pit each month to ensure that the pump is working correctly.

Drain Clogs

The longer the winter drags on, the more stress is placed on your home’s drains. In the spring, we all head outside to enjoy other activities without any thought of potentially clogged drains. Then add in the additional water in the sewer systems from spring rains, and you can come home to a nasty sewage flood in your home. After a long winter with everyone indoors, the ideal way to avoid a sewer or drain backup is a professional drain cleaning.

Water Heater Failure

One appliance in your home that sees added stress over the winter is your home’s water heater. Long hot showers and baths are a true luxury in the winter. But the added workload can take its toll on an older water heater. Having your water heater serviced in the spring is a great way to know just how much life is left in the unit. Your plumbing pro can evaluate the age and condition of the tank while draining and flushing it. This service is a very affordable way to lengthen your water heater’s life expectancy and avoid an unpleasant surprise when taking a shower.

Outdoor Leaks

As you turn the water back on to outdoor fixtures, pools, spas, and irrigation systems, be sure to watch for any signs of leaks. Even correctly drained and winterized pipes can suffer damage from frigid temperatures and the soil’s expansion and contraction. Try to schedule the opening of outdoor water lines when the ground is relatively dry. This will make it easier to spot water leaks and flooding that could be hard to identify after rain.

Spring is the ideal time to get outdoors and enjoy the perfect weather. But you will only be able to enjoy this time if you know that all of the plumbing issues in your home have been professionally addressed. Call (505) 308-2776 to schedule a spring visit from the team at All-Out Plumbing and Mechanical. Our crew is ready to give your sump pump the once over, professionally clean your home’s drains, and provide the annual service to protect your water heater tank. And with all these tasks removed from your to-do list, you will be ready to make the most of the fantastic spring weather.