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Blue flames on gas stove burner

5 Early Signs of a Damaged Gas Line You Can’t Ignore

Properly regulated gas is an efficient and clean fuel for heating your home, water, or running your stove. However, when there’s a problem with the line, that gas becomes unregulated and incredibly dangerous. Consider these signs that you have a damaged gas line that needs immediate repair.

1. The Obvious Signs: A Gas Leak

Almost everyone knows the obvious signs of a gas leak in your home. These include the smell of rotten eggs, a hissing sound, or even the carbon monoxide detector going off. If you have any of these signs, get out of the house immediately and call 911 and the New Mexico Gas Company to get the gas turned off. Knowing the signs to watch for helps you’ll notice a damaged gas line before you have a dangerous leak.

2. Rusted Line

Most gas lines are made from some kind of metal and are therefore subject to corrosion. Keep an eye open for rusted lines or other signs the metal is getting weak. If you notice a line is starting to corrode, call to have it replaced before there’s enough corrosion to cause a leak.

3. Kinks and Pinches

Metal lines easily kink and pinch, especially when moving appliances around. This damage to the lines causes small holes that will leak gas quickly. If you notice any lines in your home that are kinked or pinched, schedule your gas line repair immediately.

4. Appliances Not Working Properly

A damaged gas line often means you’ll have less gas flowing to your appliances. Keeping an eye on how they’re running will give you an indication of when there’s something wrong. Appliances like your furnace and water heater will take longer to heat than normal. A gas stove may have a flame that is more yellow than blue.

5. Health Problems

Your health will give you an indication if you have a small gas leak even if you don’t smell gas. Natural gas in the air may give you a headache, sore throat, make you dizzy, give you ringing in your ears, or pain in your chest. If you experience any of these symptoms without another explanation, have your gas system inspected for damage.

Getting Your Gas Line Repaired

Getting your gas lines repaired can be a dangerous job if not handled correctly. If you suspect your lines are damaged, do not try to repair them for yourself. Rather, call a professional plumber to evaluate the lines, determine the extent of the damage, and put the proper repair in place. Not only does this prevent any unintended accidents and injury, but it also gives you less risk when selling your home or losing your insurance should a fire occur.

Don’t put your family or your Albuquerque, NM home at risk with a damaged gas line. Call to schedule your gas line repair with the expert plumbers at All-Out Plumbing and Mechanical today.