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5 Reasons Your Toilet Is Constantly Getting Clogged

Nothing can create panic in a homeowner faster than a clogged toilet. Your anxiety rises equally as quickly as the water in the toilet bowl. Most people will freeze for a second and then start to madly jiggle the toilet handle, hoping that it will magically complete the flushing process. But unless you can get the water turned off and the flapper in the holding tank closed quickly, you will need a mop and likely a reputable plumber. Most people only have to experience this issue once or twice in a lifetime. But if you find that a clogged toilet is almost a routine event in your home, there is an issue that needs further attention to prevent a flood of raw sewage in your home.

An Issue With The Fill Valve

The fill valve is inside the toilet holding tank that controls how much water refills the tank after each flush. It can also fail, causing the toilet to run and waste thousands of gallons of water. But another issue that can result from a malfunctioning fill valve is not enough water refilling the toilet tank. When there is too little water in the tank, you are losing power on each flush. The result is often nasty clogs from waste and toilet paper that are not flushed clear of your home’s drain and sewer lines.

A Foreign Object

Adults are well aware of what should and should not be flushed. But many issues stem back to a curious child who has discovered that toilets make things disappear. Many socks, gloves, tiny toys, and even letters from a school teacher find their way into toilets across the country each year. Once these items become lodged in the fittings and drain pipes, there is no way a typical flush will dislodge them. The job requires the equipment and skills of a licensed plumber to correct this issue.

Sewer Issues Are A Huge Concern

If all of the toilets in your home are prone to clogs, the issue is more likely to be in your home’s sewer line than just a single drain line or toilet. The clog or blockage lies somewhere between the exterior wall of your home and the city sewer main. And until it is located and removed by a professional plumber, you will continue to deal with frequently clogged toilets, slow clearing showers and tubs, and backed-up sinks.

A Vent Problem

Plumbing vents allow the naturally occurring gas to escape from your drain lines. The vent also allows the air pressure to remain constant when water and waste are flowing out of your house to the sewer system. If the vent pipe becomes damaged, clogged, or the top is blocked, the flow of waste in your drain lines will be hampered. The most common indication is constant or reoccurring toilet clogs.

Old Toilets

You could be shocked to learn that toilet technology has changed a lot over the years. In just the last decade, significant changes have occurred to allow toilets to flush with far less water than models made more than ten years ago. If you find that your older toilets are not getting the job done, replacing them is your best course of action. Not only will it eliminate those annoying clog problems, but it will save a significant amount of money you spend on your water bill.

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