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Common Causes for Low Water Pressure in the Home

It can be easy to take your water pressure for granted when you spend time bathing or doing the dishes at home. Once the water pressure starts to slow down, it can be frustrating to experience and can affect how long it takes to perform basic tasks each day. There are a few common causes of low water pressure and ways to restore it to improve the function of your plumbing system on your property in Albuquerque, NM.

Pipe Leaks

When your pipes have leaks, it can affect the water flow and can cause it to take longer for water to reach the showerheads and faucets due to water that is escaping from the plumbing. This requires hiring a professional to inspect the pipes to determine the location of the leaks and provide repairs. Checking the water meter reader for any activity after shutting off the water taps will also tell you if any leaks are present.

A Buildup of Minerals

Groundwater sources in Albuquerque are rated as very hard. That means there are a lot of minerals present, and this can lead to various plumbing issues. When minerals accumulate in plumbing after several years, there’s less space for the water to flow. Correcting this type of issue requires installing a water softener to prevent future sediment blockages. A professional will also use a chemical solution in the pipes to break down the buildup and restore your water pressure.

Problems With Water Distribution

In some cases, the low water pressure isn’t caused by any issues that are present on your property. If you can’t pinpoint an issue causing the low water pressure, you’ll need to ask your neighbors if they’re also dealing with the problem. If the surrounding properties also have problems with low water pressure, it’ll require reaching out to your water provider.

Closed Shutoff Valves

If you’re unable to locate any obstructions that are present in the pipes, you can hire a professional plumber to inspect the main shutoff valve. Look for someone with experience from a company like All-Out Plumbing and Mechanical, which serves Rio Rancho, South Valley, and Albuquerque. The expert will check to see if the shutoff valves are partially closed and causing the water to take longer to flow. Fortunately, this is a quick-and-easy fix and requires spinning the handle to make it open. It may also need to be lowered to ensure the lever aligns with the pipe and restores your water pressure.

Talk to one of our experts if you want to learn more about the common causes of low water pressure. We can provide you with more information and explain the services we offer.