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How To Save Water And Your Hard Earned Money

Every day you see more news articles and blogs about the importance of going green. And while almost every homeowner agrees that it is crucial to think about the environment and our impact on the world we live in, not everyone is sure how to join the cause without completely altering their lifestyle. But everyone needs to know that there are many minimal changes and choices that you can make around your house that will save a significant amount of water and reduce your household budget. Best of all, you will not be making changes that will feel like you are denying yourself of giving up anything. The changes will only focus on eliminating waste.

A Major Offender

You might be shocked to learn that over a quarter of the water you consume each day goes right down the toilet. A Duke University study found that household toilets consumed 27% of the average home’s daily water usage. In older homes, a single flush requires up to seven gallons of water. And while that does not sound like a massive amount, consider that ten flushes are about twice the average bathtub’s capacity. Installing low-flow toilets will not change your life at all but will reduce the water used per flush by as much as 75%. Now ten flushes a day will be under 20 gallons or around half the average tub’s capacity.

Another Huge Water Waster

We can all agree that laundering our clothing and linens is a necessity. But did you know that the same study found that laundry accounts for 22% of your daily water consumption? It seems like a lot. But when you decide that you need to wear a particular outfit tomorrow and wash only a few items in a load of laundry, you are contributing to this massive waste. And if your washing machine is older, the waste is even more significant. New high-efficiency washers use about 50% less water to do the same job as older models. And when you select an EnergyStar unit, you are saving on the cost of power as well. The rule to remember is washing only a full laundry load to get the most out of the water, energy, and cleaning products you are spending your hard-earned money to purchase.

Another Big Drain

The third and fourth in the line of water wasters are your showers and sink faucets. Combined, these fixtures account for 33% of the water used in the average household each day. To start saving water, replace your showerheads and faucets with low-flow options. These fixtures use an aerator to mix air into the water. This keeps your water pressure consistent but drops your water consumption. And you will never notice the change. But it can reduce your water usage by anywhere from 25 to 50%. Other ways to save water include turning off the water while you brush your teeth or are washing dishes by hand. And if you feel like enjoying a long, hot shower, think about soaking in the tub instead to save some water and energy.

The Cost Of Leaks

Finally, the study determined that the average household wasted 14% of its water because of leaks. Not only is this a waste of money and water, but those leaks could also be creating some costly water damage and promoting mold growth in your home. To eliminate water leaks in your home, call (505) 308-2776 to schedule an appointment with the licensed pros at All-Out Plumbing & Mechanical. We offer weekend appointments to make scheduling as easy as following these water-saving tips.