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Sink Pipe Water Leak

If Your Water Consumption Jumps, You Need a Skilled Plumber

Hidden water leaks can do a great deal of damage to your property. You may have a water line in your slab that is slowly injuring the foundation of your home. If you notice that your water bill jumps or that your water consumption is slowly creeping up, you need the help of an expert plumber with top-quality skills and technology.

Finding the Drip by Listening

A dripping faucet pattering into your kitchen sink is pretty obvious. What’s less obvious is a leak under or inside your slab. If you suspect a water leak, a plumber can come in with tools to locate the source.

Be aware that water lines in or under your concrete slab may not be obvious to the eye. The concrete slab may not even appear wet. However, slab leaks can cause a great deal of costly damage if left dripping.

Your plumber can find such leaks by listening. They can use tools to carefully check for the sound of streaming water. Because water lines can be routed through walls and ceilings as well as through your floors, locating the leak with listening devices may be fairly quick.

Pressure Testing Options

Another option for plumbers is to isolate and pressure test lines. If the line is not leaking, it will hold pressure. If it is, the pressure test will fail and you’ll at least know which line is faulty.

Be aware that a pressure test will take some time. The water into your house may need to be shut off at the main. Just know that the isolation process is the simplest way to determine which water line is leaking and get it repaired.

Fixing Hidden Leaks

If a water line inside or under the concrete slab beneath your house is leaking, you have a couple of options. Plumbers can simply open the slab and repair the line. However, tearing up and repairing concrete can be messy and costly.

It may make more sense to simply isolate or abandon that water line. A new water line can be routed to the same faucet through the walls or ceiling of your home. With a rerouting, you don’t have to worry about another leak in that same line; it’s simply going to be left dry. The newly routed water supply lines will take the place of the abandoned line.

There’s no reason to pay high water bills or spend time worrying about a hidden plumbing leak in your Albuquerque, NM home if you call on our professionals at All-Out Plumbing to find the source and perform the most effective, least invasive repair.