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Is This A Real Plumbing Emergency?

Every homeowner in the area has experienced plumbing issues from time to time, But it can be hard to know which things warrant an immediate call to a plumber for emergency service and which can wait. In most cases, the deciding factor is the potential for damage to your home. But in some instances, the functionality of your home could be the reason you decide to get a plumber out to your house immediately. Some of the most concerning and potentially hazardous plumbing issues you might encounter that demand emergency service include:


If your home is constructed on a concrete slab foundation rather than a basement, it is called a slab house. And because of the design of the house, many water service lines are located under that massive concrete slab. In most cases, there is never an issue with this technique. However, some homes do experience a leak under that concrete foundation. These slab leaks can be very hazardous and also quite challenging to locate. As soon as you suspect a slab leak under your home, it is imperative that you contact the licensed plumbers at All-Out Plumbing & Mechanical at (505) 308-2776. Our team will arrive quickly and use the latest technology to locate any leak located under the concrete foundation of your home.


A constantly running toilet can consume a massive amount of water and cause your water bill to skyrocket. In addition, it is a sign that there is damage or wear to the internal mechanism in the toilet that can result in a flood or a clogged drain if left unrepaired. If you are not comfortable taking the assembly in the toilet tank apart or replacing it, then a call to (505) 308-2776 is the smart move. A licensed All-Out Plumbing & Mechanical plumber will arrive quickly to stop the water waste and prevent any further issues related to the malfunctioning toilet.


A clogged toilet might not sound like an emergency unless it is the only toilet in your home. Then the matter carries a lot more urgency. If you have tried plunging and had no luck, the experts at All-Out Plumbing & Mechanical are here 24/7 to remove that clog and get your home back to meeting all your needs. Just call (505) 308-2776, and we will get that clogged toilet corrected ASAP.


When you have a faucet spraying all over the kitchen or bathroom, you might try to deal with the issue until you have time to fix or replace it. But remember that crazy spray pattern could be allowing water to seep down inside your walls, behind the sink, or into the vanity, creating potentially costly water damage. If you cannot eliminate the use of the faucet, opt for an emergency call to (505) 308-2776. The licensed plumbers at All-Out Plumbing & Mechanical will get the issue corrected with a fully warrantied repair or replacement faucet installation.


While you might not think that a clogged sink is a big deal, it can be. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not realize that all of their drains are connected. So a clogged sink drain could impact the draining of a tub, shower, or even the flushing of a toilet. These issues are best addressed quickly and professionally. In most cases, a professional drain cleaning using pure high-pressure water will remove the clog and stinky residue from your home’s drains.

If you are unsure if your plumbing issue is an emergency, call the experts at All-Out Plumbing & Mechanical at (505) 308-2776. It is always better to error on the side of caution and let our licensed plumber determine if an emergency visit will prevent a more costly problem.