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Plumbing Tips to Help You This Winter

Winter weather can lead people to spend more time indoors, which can be more taxing on plumbing systems. In addition, winter weather can potentially cause problems related to freezing. We’ve provided several tips that you can follow so that plumbing problems can hopefully stay at bay.

Take It Easy on Your Garbage Disposal

The holiday season can be a great time to get together with others, and these gatherings often involve delicious food. If you’re cooking a lot this winter, it’s important to be gentle with your garbage disposal. Instead of treating it like an actual trash can and giving it all kinds of food scraps to deal with, take more care with it so that you don’t accidentally cause a clog. Scrape your dishes off in the garbage before rinsing them in the sink, and be sure to never deposit oil or grease down the sink. Fatty materials can coagulate very easily, potentially leading to big problems with your drain.

Remember That Toilets Have an Intended Use

Toilets aren’t trash cans, either. They’re used for human waste and toilet paper, and that’s about it. Anything else needs to be disposed of in a trash can so that it doesn’t clog anything. If you have a septic system, this is especially important. Feminine items, wipes, and other items can disrupt your septic system, and it’s never a pleasant thing to have to deal with waste water. You may have guests visiting or even staying with you over the winter holidays, which means your toilet will be in constant use. It’s important to remind your guests what should and shouldn’t go down your toilets.

Protect Outdoor Faucets

Many properties have sprinkler systems, outdoor spigots, or irrigation lines. These components all need to be protected in the winter. Since winter temperatures can drop quite low, your outdoor plumbing is vulnerable to freezing. Any water that remains in your system can turn to ice, and as it does, it can expand. This expansion could be enough to cause a pipe or spigot to burst or crack. We recommend flushing your system before the first frost and turning off outside water lines during the winter.

Have Your Water Heater Maintained

Taking hot showers can be nice after spending time in the cold. Having hot water is something that many people take for granted, however. If there ever were to be an issue with your water heater, your routine could definitely be affected. To make this situation less likely to occur, you can have your water heater tuned-up. We work with all makes and models of water heaters and can keep your unit in optimal condition.

Reach Out for Help

This winter, we want you to stay cozy and comfortable. Above all, we don’t want you to face unexpected plumbing issues. Watching out for freezing temperature, having your water heater maintained, and being gentle with your plumbing can all be strategic moves. Call us at All-Out Plumbing if you need to schedule a plumbing appointment in Albuquerque, NM.