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Plumber in Rio Rancho, NM

If you need a plumber in Rio Rancho, NM, just remember All-Out Plumbing and Mechanical. The experts on our team take great pride in assisting the people of this area, and they can handle all the plumbing in your home. Our crew deals with the full spectrum of plumbing issues you might encounter. Here are some of the common ones.

Drain Cleaning

You can go to any hardware store or big box retailer and buy a bottle of liquid drain cleaner. After pouring this down, you might assume that your drains are clean. While those chemicals may help clear up some of the clogs that form near the top of your drain, they can’t replace the quality that comes with professional drain cleaning. Having a plumber who can professionally clean your drains is vital for the health of your plumbing system. Investing in drain cleaning in Rio Rancho, NM helps ensure that you are less likely to experience clogged drains and damaged waterlines in your home.

Sewer Line Repair and Replacement

The sewer lines in your home play a vital role in the plumbing system. Obviously, people think about toilets when they think of their sewer lines, and that’s certainly an important aspect of the system. However, your sewer lines do much more than that. They are also responsible for carrying away the wastewater generated by baths, showers, garbage disposals, dishwashers, washing machines and more. If a sewer line becomes damaged, you may notice noxious odors in your home and may even experience structural damage. If you believe that you have a damaged sewer line, contact a professional plumber immediately for sewer line repair and replacement in Rio Rancho, NM.

Water Heaters

Having a functioning water heater in Rio Rancho, NM is a crucial part of enjoying all of the comfort and functionality that you expect from your home. There is nothing more frustrating than coming home from a long day of work, expecting a nice warm shower and being blasted with a jet of cold water. No matter what type of water heater you have, the plumbers on our team know how to identify the problem and either repair it or help you pick out a replacement system. A lack of hot water isn’t the only sign of water heater problems. You may also experience discolored or foul smelling water if something is wrong with your water heater. If that’s the case, you need a plumber in Rio Rancho, NM who is familiar with all makes and models of water heaters.

Leak Detection and Repair

One of the most important aspects of plumbing is being able to figure out exactly where a water leak is in your home. In most cases, water leaks won’t be as blatantly obvious as a stream of water shooting out of one of the pipes below a sink in your kitchen or bathroom. Instead, these leaks often occur inside your walls, in your attic or even under the foundation of your home. That’s why you need quality leak detection and repair in Rio Rancho, NM. Once the leak has been located, the plumber who comes to your house can either repair or replace the damaged waterline and restore normal plumbing function.

Gas Lines

If your home relies on natural gas, you already know the importance of gas lines in Rio Rancho, NM. Fortunately, you can find plumbers at All-Out Plumbing and Mechanical who know how to locate and repair gas line issues. If a gas line becomes damaged or there is a loose connection, it is vital that you have the problem rectified as quickly as possible. Although gas can be detected through smell, the gas that leaks from these lines is colorless, so you may not even be aware of a gas leak. However, breathing the fumes from that gas can have serious consequences on the health of you and your family.


Your home’s plumbing system is made up of an intricate system of waterlines that work together to carry water to and from your residence. If even one of those waterlines becomes damaged, there may be serious consequences for your home. Broken or damaged waterlines in Rio Rancho, NM not only leave you unable to perform daily tasks such as doing laundry and washing dishes, but they can also lead to serious structural damage in your home. Broken waterlines inside your walls and under your foundation can lead to weakened wall studs and a softer foundation.


In many cases, if a home is extremely old and has its original plumbing, you may need to consider repiping in Rio Rancho, NM. This is also a viable option if your plumbing system has numerous issues and there is widespread waterline damage. Repiping is exactly what it sounds like. A plumber in Rio Rancho, NM will install new waterlines throughout your entire home to bring your plumbing system up to efficient standards.


As a business owner, you understand how important it is to have all of your amenities operating at their peak. Not only is it an important part of providing a comfortable place to work for your employees, but clients or customers who come in also expect to have access to properly working bathrooms. Our commercial plumbing services in Rio Rancho, NM ensure that your business has properly working toilets, sinks and other services that your employees and clients expect.

If you require any of these plumbing services in Rio Rancho, NM, call All-Out Plumbing and Mechanical today. We’re prepared to accommodate your needs.

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