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Why Does My Water Smell So Bad?

Many people are making a concerted effort to drink more water as a part of their health regimen. However, that can be more difficult than you might think when you begin to notice an odd odor to your Albuquerque home’s water. Suddenly, you are filled with concern about what is creating the unpleasant aroma and if it is potentially hazardous to your health. In most cases, that odor signals that there is a problem with your water supply that will require professional assistance.

A Metallic Odor

There are minute amounts of zinc, iron, and magnesium in most water sources. They leech into the water source over time and pose no risk to your health. In other situations, the metal is flaking off the inside of your home’s old water pipes or is a sign that your water heater needs to be drained and flushed. The first step to eliminating this metallic odor is to address a possible issue in your home’s water heater. Drain and flush the unit to see if that eliminates the unpleasant smell. If the odor persists, it is time to call in a licensed plumber to evaluate your water and plumbing system to locate the source of the contamination.

A Sewage Smell

Water that smells like sewage, mold, or spoiled fish is often a good indication of bacterial contamination. It is not uncommon for algae, fungi, or other bacteria to grow in old water lines or in a water heater that is set too low. If the odor is limited to your hot water, try turning up the thermostat to kill the bacteria in the tank and eliminate the odor. If the smell is also present in the cold water, call a local plumber to learn more about disinfecting your home’s water lines to kill any bacteria in the system.

Your Water Smells Like The Local Swimming Pool

A chlorine odor is not all surprising in most city water supplies. Many public water providers use chlorine to eliminate bacterial growth and disinfect the water supply. Rarely but on occasion, the level of chlorine will build up, and the odor becomes more noticeable. While the water is still very safe to drink, it is more drying to your skin and hair. Water filtration can eliminate the excess chlorine if it becomes a long-term concern.

An Odor Of Gasoline

If your water smells like gasoline, there is a significant problem, and you should not be drinking the water until the issue is corrected. The fuel contamination is generally due to one of the following three problems:

  • An underground fuel tank is leaking and contaminating the water supply
  • A local factory or landfill is contaminating the groundwater
  • Agricultural runoff is contaminating the water supply

All of these are severe problems and should be addressed immediately. Call your local health department and water provider to report the issue. Consuming water contaminated with gasoline can lead to severe health issues, including cancer and damage to your liver and kidneys.

The Smell Of Rotten Eggs

Hydrogen sulfide gives off a smell much like rotten eggs. It is the byproduct of anaerobic bacteria feeding on sulfate-rich materials like soap and hair. The water will smell and taste bad, but there is no significant health risk. However, it will not be pleasant to drink, so you need to have it eliminated. Your local plumber can provide you with options for a treatment product or filtration system to eliminate the issue.

When you discover an odd odor in your water, call (505) 308-2776. The licensed plumbers at All-Out Plumbing & Mechanical will provide you with cost-effective and reliable solutions.