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Winter Is Coming for Your Plumbing

There are several big reasons why winter is worrying for your plumbing. It’s easy to procrastinate home maintenance, especially when money gets tight heading towards the holiday season. However, being proactive about system maintenance is often a long-term money-saver and can help you avoid the headache of an emergency striking at the worst possible time.

1. Risks of a Sudden Freeze

Fall freezes are uncommon throughout most of the United States but are far from impossible. Pipe bursts and cracks from exposure to freezing temperatures can be anything from a nuisance to a disaster. It’s never a good thing. An inspection before winter can help you fully winterize and protect your system from the cold.

2. Prepare for the Busy Season

Another reason to schedule an inspection before the cold weather starts is to prepare for the busy season. The stretch from Thanksgiving to Christmas is the most demanding season on home plumbing throughout the year. People spend more time at home and families gather together, which is a perfect storm for malfunctions.

3. Avoid the Holiday Delays

The natural craziness of the holiday season along with higher rates of plumbing problems can mean higher costs and service delays. Rather than dealing with sewer line clogs and burst pipes when everyone is trying to get time off for the holidays, it’s much better to simply take proactive steps to prevent it.

4. Dig Before the Ground Hardens

Projects that require digging, like some kinds of sewer line replacement, are most difficult and time-consuming when the ground is frozen solid. Even without any sudden freezes, the cold temperatures of winter make it much harder to exhume pipes and make subterranean repairs. Getting inspections during summer or fall gives you time to plan for major projects before winter hits.

5. Ready Sumps for Snow Saturation

Albuquerque and the rest of New Mexico enjoy fairly mild winters, but it’s still very possible for the region to face heavy snowfall. This means sump pumps, gutters and other water management systems need to be ready to jump into action. Saturation from melting snow can be a lot more substantial than it seems and can easily overwhelm systems that aren’t ready for the load.

These are just some of the biggest reasons why homeowners and businesses should contact professional plumbers, like All-Out Plumbing, for an early inspection this year. We encourage our customers to be proactive and prepared to enjoy their holidays without facing a plumbing emergency. We provide leak detection, sewer line, repiping services, and more.