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4 Ways to Save Money on Water Heater Repairs

Winter is here, and temperatures are dropping below freezing several days per week. This is the worst time of year for your water heater to break down. Whether your unit is already experiencing problems or you simply want to stretch your dollars proactively, here are four ways your family can save money on water heater repairs without sacrificing quality.

1. Look for Coupons and Special Offers

Everybody loves a deal – especially one that can save them a lot of money during a plumbing emergency. When visiting our website or calling our office to schedule water heater repairs, be sure to ask if we are offering any special promotions. For instance, we are proud to offer military discounts to our customers who serve our country. And for community members who are over age 55, we offer senior discounts as well.

2. Pay Cash to Save Money on Interest

Paying for water heater repairs in full with cash or check is not always an option. That’s why we are happy to offer financing options for your plumbing needs. But if you have the means to pay in cash instead of credit cards or financing, that is always a great way to instantly save money on water heater repairs.

For those homeowners who don’t need repairs right now but simply want to be proactive, setting aside a small portion of every paycheck into an emergency savings fund is a great idea. You never know when your water heater will need repairs, but having some funds set aside for emergencies can save you money when the need arises.

3. Keep Up With Maintenance and Minor Repairs

We understand that deferred maintenance is an unfortunate necessity for many homeowners. Whenever possible, following regular water heater maintenance can keep your unit running efficiently for years to come. Tackling minor repairs as soon as you notice the need for them can keep small problems from growing into larger, more expensive ones.

Get your water heater inspected annually if you can. And if you have a traditional tank water heater, draining it once a year can improve its lifespan and reduce the need and cost of repairs over time.

4. Switch to a Long-Lasting Tankless Water Heater

Upgrading to a tankless water heater obviously requires a bit of an investment. But tankless water heaters offer many benefits for your family. Not only do they supply endless hot water to various parts of your home simultaneously, but they are actually more efficient that standard tank water heaters. That means they can save you money on utility bills month after month.

Along with higher efficiency, tankless water heaters last a lot longer than the old tank water heaters. It’s possible that you could end up spending less money on repairs over the long haul.

If you live in the Albuquerque, NM area and are in need of water heater repairs or inspection, contact All-Out Plumbing and Mechanical today. We’ll check out your water heater, diagnose any problems, and get your hot water running again in no time.