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Washbasin and water

Clean Your Drains Before Holiday Guests Complain About These Things

Ready or not, the holiday season is here. The stress of gift giving and creating food menus comes with a side of extended family from out of town. Juggling all three is manageable. But if your kitchen and bathroom drains suddenly back up, it will push you over the edge. With plumbers working overtime during the holidays, securing one can be challenging. Here are some reasons you should have your drains cleaned by a plumber before the holiday season arrives.

An Odor-Free Environment

Guests like the smell of cooked food, but they don’t like odors that smell like rotten food or sewage. The wastebasket could be the culprit, but it may also be your kitchen drain. Food debris can stick together in the drain and form a smelly clog. The foul odor can also come from a clogged garbage disposal. A plumber can remove the clog and the smell so that it doesn’t become a distracting conversation piece.

Eliminate Drain Flies and Drain Gnats

What’s worse than guests smelling a foul odor is seeing flies and gnats flying around the kitchen or bathroom. These bugs love the smell of rotten food and sewage. They will make a nest inside of your drains and multiply. Hot water and DIY methods often don’t work when it comes to getting rid of these bugs.

While bugs typically can’t survive the cold temperatures during Boise winters, your pipes provide a warm space for them to thrive. Therefore, contact a plumber to clean your drains. The plumber will remove clogs and any flies or gnats so that you can enjoy a clean, odor-free drain. With no smell to attract them to the sink, they won’t come back.

Strange Noises

The buzzing sound of flies and gnats, a gurgling sound from slow-moving drains, and a knocking noise inside your pipes are all concerning. Plumbing should not make noise. Some of your guests may notice the noise and bring it up in conversation. Avoid the embarrassment of having to explain the situation and hire a plumber instead. A plumber can determine what is causing the noise and fix it.

No Developing or Sudden Clogs

It is surprising how fast a clog can form when you treat your drains like a wastebasket. Items like food, grease, bones, peels, hair, toys, dirt, wipes, toilet tissue, toothpicks, and cotton swabs can accumulate to form a clog. Water moving slower than expected is the first sign of a clog. Clogs can form in the kitchen sink, toilet, bathtub, utility sink, and shower.

Take one thing off your to-do list and get your drains cleaned before the holidays. Guests will use your plumbing more than usual, so your plumbing must be able to handle the sudden influx of water use. Contact All-Out Plumbing for a thorough drain cleaning in your Albuquerque, NM home. No plumbing job is too big or small for our team because we only hire the most knowledgeable plumbers.