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Common Signs That You Need Repiping Services for Your Home

Repiping is when a plumber replaces the entire pipe system in your home with a new one. The process involves removing all the old and damaged lines and installing new ones. Even though this mostly happens in older homes, it is sometimes necessary for badly-damaged piping in newer homes. A thorough inspection by a qualified plumber will let you know if you can get by with repairs or need repiping.


Plumbing systems begin to age between three and five decades. During this period, pipes start failing and developing multiple problems that may lead to constant repairs. Therefore, you should consider replacing the lines if you live in a house over fifty years old. However, this time frame can vary, depending on the usage and maintenance. Once you get new lines, you will no longer require the constant repair expenses and will have peace of mind.

Water Quality

Since your piping supplies you with water for all your household use, you should ensure that you always get a clean supply. Sometimes, you might notice a strange taste or smell. If your water quality is declining, the first place to look at is the inlet pipes.

Rust and mineral residue on the lines contaminate the water, making it look and taste different. Such water may not be safe for drinking or making meals and may end up causing health problems. Therefore, if your water seems a little off, it’s a good time to have a thorough inspection of the pipes.

Reduced Water Pressure

This issue can arise due to leaks or clogging in the line. If your pipe has obstructions due to dirt and mineral buildup, the water passing along the pipes reduces, thus affecting the amount of water you get. If drain cleaning alone does not sufficiently restore water flow, you may need repiping.


You might suspect a leak if you have low water pressure, but high water bills are another red flag. If the leak is inside the house, it may cause damage to the wood or foundation, thus compromising the structure’s integrity. A leak in the main line may also increase rusting and water loss.


While it may seem overwhelming, repiping could end up saving due to no more repair costs and lower water bills. You can let go of the constant worry about needing repairs and inefficient plumbing and focus on spending money on other household projects. Whether you have problematic plumbing or need new lines for your home, get quality repiping services from All-Out Plumbing in Albuquerque, NM.